Who We Support

We invest in communities most impacted by structural oppression. At this time, we are not accepting unsolicited inquiries for funding.


In 2022, we selected six core ‘grantee-partners’. These organizations each received unrestricted, multi-year grants; funding to travel with at least five community members and staff to visit other grantee sites; and are being paid to help us co-design strategies for deploying power-building investments and to inform research and learning.

Ashé Cultural Arts Center

Ashé uses art and culture to support human, community, and economic development of people of the African diaspora in New Orleans.

Asian Arts Initiative

AAI in Philadelphia advances racial equity and understanding by activating artists, youth, and their communities through creative practice and dialogue grounded in the diverse experiences of Asians in America.

The Boston Ujima Project

Ujima is a Black-led, democratic, member-run organization building a cooperative business, arts, and investment ecosystem in Boston, with a mission to return wealth to working-class communities of color.

Center for Transforming Communities

CTC provides cultural programming and community organizing to build the health, wealth and leadership pipelines of black and brown neighborhoods across Memphis.

Northend Christian CDC

Northend preserves and improves Detroit’s North End Historic Community by providing opportunities for residents to learn and practice urban agriculture, access green jobs, build cooperative businesses, and beautify their environment.

The Village of Arts and Humanities

The Village supports artists and Black community residents in the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of Philadelphia to imagine, design, and build a more just and equitable society.

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